When you’re searching for the best wood grinding and tree chipping service in the Phoenix Valley, Phoenix Trim-A-Tree.  After a storm downs a tree or you’ve had us remove a tree our wood grinding and wood recycling program helps clean up the mess in an eco-friendly way.  All of our services are environmentally friendly and we process and re-purpose the trees we chip.

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Tree Chipping Service Phoenix

Why Tree Chipping Is Important

Cutting or trimming trees always means having removed materials that need to be disposed of, it is just a natural and integral step in the process. If you have a need for the tree material for building projects or possibly firewood you can request the material be left. Typical urban or suburban properties generally don’t have the extra space that people want to have tree branches and limbs to be piled up, and dead wood on the ground can mean a higher risk of termites.

Our Tree Chipping Services

If you are having a tree removed the cost to do the tree chipping is many times included in the quote. The purpose of chipping tree limbs and branches is to minimize the space required to haul off the debris cause by trimming or removing trees from your property.

Portable tree chippers can handle branches and limbs that are about 4 inches in diameter. Sharp blades inside the chipper are driven by a motor that chops up the tree limbs and branches. Then the blows them into a covered area in the back of the service truck for easy haul off. Typical tree trimming or removal services can be chipped down and usually fit into one service truck. This prevents the need of going half way through the job to dump the chippings.

Tree Chipping Service

Once the branches and limbs have been removed from a tree they need to be disposed of, and wood chippers are the way tree companies get the job done. Chippers are typically portable units that can be towed behind trucks.

Saving Money With Tree Chipping

Part of any job is labor costs, and this is true of tree trimming and tree removal services. Part of getting the job done quickly is having the debris chipped up instead of having workers try to pack all of the limbs and branches into the truck. It takes up more space, and takes more time. This means that chipping helps companies get more jobs done, and takes less time. Saving the home owner time and money is one of our priorities and one of the ways Phoenix Trim-A-Tree helps keep every customer satisfied.

  • Custom Wood Grinding Service- For hire in Phoenix
  • Brush Grinding – at your location
  • Land Clearing: From 1 to 658 Acres
  • Branch and Mulch Grinding
  • Wood Chipping Services and Waste Grinding
  • Wood Recycling: Let’s Save The Planet Together!

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