Our land clearing services help you prepare for new projects or reclaim land that’s been left to overgrowth.  Our affordable and cost effective land and brush clearing service is available anywhere in and near the Phoenix Valley.  From Phoenix and Mesa to Glendale and Gilbert our team can help prepare or reclaim land from overgrown trees, brush, and all sorts of plants. When you need fast and thorough land clearing call Phoenix Trim-A-Tree.

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Land Clearing Services

Land Clearing Service

When you’ve got land that you want to develop for agricultural, hunting, or other development projects land clearing is one of the very first steps.  We selectively clear the trees and brush you want removed from your property.  Our team can handle projects both big and small in and near the Phoenix Valley.  When you need affordable land clearing services our team answers with the right land clearing equipment, experience, and determination to get the job done right!

Brush Clearing Service

Undergrowth and brush clearing prepares the ground on your land for development.  Weeds and brush strangle the ground and make it unusable for building, growing, or using for virtually any purpose.  We have the right heavy equipment and brush grinders to clear your land quickly and thoroughly.  We carefully clear brush and weeds to avoid damaging trees you want to keep, fence lines, or other elements on your properties in the state of Arizona.

New Construction Land Clearing

Before excavation can start or a foundation poured the land needs to be cleared from trees, brush, stumps, and undergrowth.  Even small parcels of land can be thick with plant life that would take weeks or months to clear by hand.  Our team has the right land clearing equipment to make this process fast, affordable, and keep your new construction project on schedule.

Agricultural Land Clearing Service

If you are preparing to start or restart an agricultural project near the Phoenix Valley, land clearing is likely one of your first steps.  The land must be clear to grow crops and for raising various types of livestock.  Our team will clear away the vines, weeds, and unwanted growth from your land so you will be able to start growing, raising, and make the most of your land.

Road & Trail Land Clearing

If you’ve bought new property and are planning on building a home, cabin, or need to provide access through an area land must be cleared for the road or trail.  Our team will come and carefully follow your plans for roads leading to your property.

Survey Line & Fence Land Clearing

When you’re developing new residential or commercial land surveying the property line many times requires property clearing.  To set a new fence you want to carefully plan that it sits on your property and will need to remove trees and brush.

Storm Damage Clearing

We are available for 24 hr emergency cleanup service in the event of storms or other emergencies. Phoenix frequently has high winds during the Monsoon season and some can be particularly nasty and devastating. Many times a year a storm strong enough to create a trail of debris passes through the valley. If you find your home hit particularly hard by a wind storm and need damaged trees removed, contact us today!


We offer firewood and can even convert your unwanted tree into firewood for you! Trunk Support Systems: Some trees have trunks that aren’t strong enough to support the entire tree. We can design and build custom supports to help any of your trees grow as they should. Consultations with an Arborist: We send one of our Arborists to your property to inspect and evaluate damaged and existing trees and advise on how to maintain existing trees while assessing the health of the damaged trees.

Tree and Stump Removal

If you have unwanted trees or stumps crowding your property, Phoenix Trim-a-Tree can quickly and safely remove them while maintaining the integrity of your property. Once the trees and stumps are removed, your property will be cleaned of all debris including your driveway and sidewalks.

Phoenix Trim-a-Tree provides multiple land clearing services. We do everything from routine removal of light brush and stumps, trimming and removing trees to storm clean up. We can clear land on most any terrain you will find in Arizona. Whether you are a new home owner, home builder, commercial or industrial developer etc, we can serve your needs and help you achieve the results you desire.

Schedule Land Clearing Services

If you have land in or near Phoenix our team can help with land clearing.  Our affordable land clearing services are fast, thorough, and help prepare your land for whatever project you have in mind.  From new subdivisions to single home land clearing services we have the right land clearing equipment, experience, and dedication to customer service that you’re seeking.  Contact us today for a free land clearing service estimate for your property.