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Top Scottsdale Divorce Attorneys

The divorce attorneys at Canterbury Law Group handle Phoenix and Scottsdale Family Law cases including divorce, child custody, paternity, prenuptial agreements, spousal maintenance, decree enforcement, child relocation, father’s rights and grandparents’ rights. Whether you are considering filing for divorce or you have already been served with a divorce petition, it is absolutely critical to speak with an attorney immediately to assess your legal rights and take the necessary steps to protect them. Even the slightest delay may result in limiting your options, which may ultimately affect your entire future.

Marriages do not begin with the anticipation of divorce however, it is becoming more common: 50 percent of first marriages, 67 percent of second and 74 percent of third marriages end in divorce. (Source: Forest Institute of Professional Psychology.) When your family and livelihood are at stake in your divorce, it is critical to be prepared with a highly skilled litigation team representing you. The Canterbury team of divorce attorneys in Scottsdale have an impeccable track record that speaks for itself.

Divorce cases can be complex and require measured and detailed strategy and execution, and the courtroom is where many significant and life changing decisions are made. The dedicated litigation team at Canterbury Law Group will ensure thorough preparation for every public hearing appearance all the way through trial. We, like you, will know the facts, the law and position ourselves to achieve the highest degree of success the law allows.


The firm is uniquely qualified to represent debtors, creditors, trustees, and committees in both personal and business bankruptcies in federal court. We handle Chapter 11Chapter 13 bankruptcy cases often.


If you have been charged with a crime in Arizona, the first thing you need is someone who will understand; the second thing you need is a solid defense. Relax, Canterbury Law Group has your back.


Our lawyers handle all family law disputes including divorcechild custody, paternity, prenuptial agreements, grandparent’s rights, spousal maintenance, and more.


Canterbury Law Group can meet any of your real estate needs, including purchase, sale, refinance, entitlements, land use, zoning, master development agreements and more.

The No-Nonsense Divorce Lawyers in Phoenix, AZ

Canterbury Law Group was founded to provide no-nonsense legal counsel for divorce cases at the highest levels possible. We are an energetic and unified team of Scottsdale divorce lawyers and paralegals deeply committed to solving our clients’ life changing problems. Your best interest is always priority. Divorce cases can become very overwhelming, so let us preserve your sanity and represent you through every step of the way in your divorce case.

Sometimes couples may only seek a legal separation rather than filing for divorce, which will allow the parties to live both separate and apart while still enjoying the legal benefits of marriage such as continuing healthcare or insurance coverage. Our divorce attorneys in Scottsdale have a keen understanding that every legal matter is unique and we are well equipped to provide you with the tools to make the best decision that will suit your individual situation.

The divorce lawyers at Canterbury Law Group have vast experience identifying and structuring compelling cases to protect every conceivable resource or asset you may have. Any assets acquired during the course of a marriage may be eligible for equitable distribution.

Our litigation team also handles investigations and all other family law matters that may coincide with your divorce. For instance, an integral component of any divorce with children also involves custody. Our Scottsdale divorce lawyers strive to create a mutually agreeable joint parenting plan between both parties. Typically when parents cannot mutually agree on a child-rearing plan, the court will often establish a plan that both parents must follow concerning the children’s health and welfare. Arizona law requires that the best interest of the child be the lead consideration above any other.

Our attention, experience and sophistication allows for innovative resolutions that have a positive impact on clients.

Canterbury Bankruptcy Attorneys:
Focusing in Scottsdale, New York, Las Vegas, and San Diego

The Scottsdale bankruptcy attorneys at Canterbury Law Group are uniquely qualified to represent all sides in personal and commercial bankruptcy: debtors, creditors, trustees and committees. Our attorneys offer a range of services to our bankruptcy clients depending upon the individual or company’s unique situation but could include business bankruptcy, Chapter 7, adversary proceedings, restructuring, Chapter 11, creditor representation, Chapter 5 claims and Chapter 13.

Personal Bankruptcy Attorneys in
New York, Las Vegas, Phoenix, and San Diego

Chapter 7 bankruptcy, also referred to as the most common type of bankruptcy, provides individuals with a discharge of all debt which are “dischargeable” under the Bankruptcy Code. In a Chapter 7, all of the debtor’s non-exempt assets on the petition date are liquidated through the priorities set forth in the Bankruptcy Code. The bankruptcy attorneys at our office will counsel you to ensure your case runs smoothly. Unfortunately, often debtors are not fully informed of all Chapter 7 obligations and risk not receiving a discharge of some or all or their debt.

Chapter 5 bankruptcy deals with the distribution of assets belonging to the debtor, exemptions and exceptions to what type of debts can be discharged and the entire estate. The bankruptcy lawyers at Canterbury Law Group in Scottsdale will help you to achieve the best results possible in your bankruptcy case.

Although Chapter 7 is the most popular type of bankruptcy, we are seeing more individuals, usually with a high net worth, are turning to Chapter 11 to solve their bankruptcy needs. Canterbury Law Group’s dedicated bankruptcy attorneys in Scottsdale have significant experience with Chapter 11 filings, which tend to be very complex, and are capable of filing an individual case under Chapter 11 as mandated by the facts of each individual case.

Chapter 13 bankruptcy is not a per se liquidation but rather involves a restructuring of debt over a three or five-year period, pursuant to a plan which is filed with, and approved by, the court. This plan allows a debtor to pay its creditors a percentage of the amounts owed to them.

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Scottsdale & Phoenix Business Bankruptcy Cases

Business Bankruptcy allows a company to sell assets or liquidate in a controlled manner. Just like other practical business strategies, Scottsdale business bankruptcy should be considered early enough to be a viable strategy to preserve the business’s assets. Bankruptcy can also be an important tool for assisting in an orderly wind down and liquidation of a business and its assets. The Scottsdale bankruptcy lawyers at Canterbury Law Group can help you understand what avenue is best for your business and will represent you through achieving your business goals.

The primary goal of filing business bankruptcy is usually to reorganize a business, which entails a restructuring of the company’s debts so the business can continue to operate and start to thrive. There are many ways business reorganization can be accomplished, ranging from selling assets to closing down sites or reducing personnel. It is absolutely necessary to understand that bankruptcy affords a business the opportunity to propose and implement these changes without the constant threat that creditors can shut the business down permanently.

The bankruptcy lawyers at our office in Scottsdale also have broad experience in representing creditors in multiple industries including lenders, lessors, landlords, retailers, farmers and other PACA claimants. If you recently received notice that one of your customers or clients is filing bankruptcy, you may have to invoke your creditors’ rights immediately in bankruptcy court to preserve your future ability to collect what is still owed to you. Time is often of the essence, so call Canterbury Law Group today to schedule your consultation and begin the process of preserving your rights to be paid.

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