Standard Crew West HD camera package includes:

  • HD Camera of your choice (Please see HD camera list on the right side of page)
  • Anton Bauer Hytron 140 Batteries — LSFC Fast Charger
  • Sachtler 18 Plus Tripod
  • Matte Box with assorted filters
  • Panasonic BTLH 900A 9″ HD Monitor / Panasonic BT-LH 2170 21″ HD Monitor
  • Arri Light Kit W / 2-300 Watt & 2-650 Watt Fresnel
  • LED Daylight lite panels with color correction and diffusion, soft boxes and grids to use with other key lights
  • 200 Watt Pepper Lights
  • Aadyn Tech 1K Jab Daylight LED
  • Grip Kit (C-Stands, Flags, Reflectors, Silks Etc.)

Standard Crew West audio package includes:

  • Sound Devices 688, Sound Devices 442 or Equivalent field mixer
  • Lectrosonic ucr411a wireless system
  • Lectrosonic 205/195 wireless systems
  • Electrovoice RE-50 stick microphone
  • Sanken COS-11 lavalieres
  • Sanken CS-3E shotgun microphone and Sennheiser MKH 60 shotgun microphone, Boom poles and Zepplin
  • Lectrosonics SR Dual Channel or equivalant ENG stereo wireless camera link
  • XLR cables,  cable adapters, etc
  • .MP3 file or .WAV file digital recorder

Of course, any type of additional item is available if needed including but not limited to: Sony A7s DSLR camera,  Canon 17-120mm Cine-Servo zoom lens, a full collection of Zeiss compact prime lenses, Fujinon 4.5x Wide Angle Lens, Portable HMI Lights, Grip Truck, Jib, Teleprompter, Dana Dolly, DJI Ronin 3-Axis Gimbal Stablizer, Stedicam, and Glidecam HD-4000 Camera Stabilizing System (see pic below), etc.  In addition we offer satellite uplink services with two fully customized dual path satellite trucks and a live studio.

Crew West also offers a new grip truck, which comes included in some shoot packages, to handle larger field productions. Included, but not restricted to, are lights over 1K, silks up to 12x, Dana Dolly, flags, floppies, gels of all colors, neutral density diffusion, director’s chairs, pop-up tent, 2K generator, 1K inverter, and much more.

Sony F5

The Sony F5 is equipped to shoot gorgeous, super-sampled HD and 2K video. This CineAlta camera shoots spectacular images with its 8.9 megapixels Sony 4K image sensor. You get superior, super-sampled pictures with noticeably higher contrast, rich color reproduction and greater clarity. The camera offers robust built-in recording modes, all with vibrant 4:2:2 color. The F5 also boasts the ability to shoot amazing precision of 16-bit linear RAW 2K/4K recording and high speed shooting at up to 120 fps without cropping. Multiple recording formats include MPEG-2 HD422, MPEG4, XAVC 2K/HD and 16-bit RAW 2K/4K. As well as the choice of formats and internal and external recording options, you can attach a variety of mounts including a Canon EF mount, PL-mount, FZ-mount. Crew West has gone the extra mile and modified our F5s with a custom buildup kit and a revolutionary B4 mount so for the first time, Fujinon and other ENG lenses can be used with a full sensor camera that not only create a look but offer on-the-go capabilities that are second to none in an ENG/EFP world.

Sony PDW F800 XDCam

The Sony XD Cam is a tapeless professional video system that records on a disc. The PDW-800 is a 2/3 inch CCD type camcorder with 1920 x 1080 pixels. This XD cam offers very high quality HD recording up to 50 Mbps using MPEG-2 4:2:2 compression.

It has variable frame rates, including 24p, and provides multi-format recording flexibility including 1080i, 720p and standard definition. The PDW-800 has the ability to under and over crank for high speed and slow motion video.

Time lapse video is easily shot in camera with its interval recording feature. This tapeless camera is the standard of the network television industry.

(Camera shown with Litepanels Luma On-camera LED light and 6″ TV Logic HD monitor)

Canon C300 Full Sensor

The Canon C300 is rapidly becoming the industry’s preference in full sensor cameras.

While providing incredible variations in depth of field and focal lengths, the C300 can shoot at variable frame rates of 24p, 30p, 60p and 60i.

In addition, it can also shoot 60 progressive frames per second while recording at 30 frames per second to capture beautiful crisp slow motion photography at 50% speed that is recorded to its internal compact flash cards in real time.

Crew West also has a brand new Canon Cine-Servo 17-120mm lens to accompany our C300.

(Camera shown with Shape shoulder rig, Arri follow focus, Deity Mira monitor loupe and Anton Bauer battery plate)

Red Epic Dragon

The Red Epic has become a staple in the digital cinema and video world, and our Epic has just received the Dragon 6K upgrade. This is the top of the line camera for artistic shots and is the camera of choice for major motion pictures as well as 3D and IMAX pictures.

Tech Specs include the following:

  • 6K RAW (Full Frame, 2:1, 2.4:1 and Anamorphic 2:1)
  • 5K RAW (Full Frame, 2:1, 2.4:1 and Anamorphic 2:1)
  • 4.5K RAW (2.4:1)
  • 4K RAW (16:9, HD, 2:1 and Anamorphic 2:1)
  • 3K RAW (16:9, 2:1 and Anamorphic 2:1)
  • 2K RAW (16:9, 2:1 and Anamorphic 2:1)
  • 1080p RGB (16:9) / 720p RGB (16:9)
  • 12 and 16-bit RAW : Compression choices of 18:1 to 3:1
  • 1-120 fps 5K, 4.5K
  • 1-150 fps 4K
  • 1-200 fps 3K
  • 1-300 fps 2K

Sony PXW-FS7

Sony’s PXW-FS7 XDCAM Super 35 Camera System is a flexible 4K camera system. Designed as a camera that is at home on productions as diverse as “Cinéma Vérité”-style documentaries, reality TV, commercial and corporate applications It features a Super 35mm size sensor that allows you to capture images with cinematic depth of field. The 4K Super35 EXMOR sensor features 14 Stops of latitude and a wide color gamut. It offers a choice of XAVC or MPEG-2 codecs. The camera can capture footage to optional on board XQD media cards in either UHD at up to 60 FPS or HD at up to 180 FPS. The camera can capture 4K (4096 x 2160) images and send the signal out over its SDI or HDMI connectors. The Sony XDCA-FS7 Extension Unit attaches to the back of our PXW-FS7 adding additional I/O and enabling RAW data output for recording 12-bit 4K/2K RAW footage to compatible external recorders. The unit also features built-in Apple ProRes encoding for recording 1080p ProRes 422 video to an XQD card in the camera. Additionally, the Extension Unit adds Timecode and Genlock connectors for multi-camera operation, as well as a V-Mount battery connector. This Unit can be paired with the Odyssey 7Q+ to allow 4K RAW and ProRes recording on SSD cards.

Sony A7S Mark II

The Sony a7S II Mirrorless Digital Camera offers an impressive blend of sensitivity, dynamic range, resolution, and speed to benefit a versatile multimedia workflow.

Revolving around a full-frame 12.2MP Exmor CMOS sensor, the a7S II is capable of internal UHD 4K recording at 30 fps with full pixel readout as well as 1080p recording at up to 120 fps, all in the XAVC S format. For both stills and video recording, the BIONZ X image processor also pairs with the sensor to enable expanded sensitivity to ISO 409600, continuous shooting to 5 fps, and fast intelligent autofocus with low-light sensitivity.

Further enabling working in difficult lighting conditions, 5-axis image stabilization compensates for vertical, horizontal, pitch, yaw, and roll camera movements for sharper, smoother handheld recording.

Panasonic HDX900

The Panasonic HDX900 is a High-Definition digital tape based ENG camera. It can record in 1920×1080 as well as 1280×720 resolutions. It has variable record speeds and can record in progressive frame rates of 24p, 29.97p, 30p, 59.94p, and 60p. It can also record interlaced framing at 60i. The master gamma and black levels can be adjusted for a variety of different film, television and other artistic looks.

(Camera shown with Frezzi Mini Sun Gun light and Pix240i)

Panasonic Varicam

This high definition (HD) camera can operate at variable frame rates of 4 to 60 P. In the 24 P setting it can be converted to a film look for television. At 60 P it can capture great slow motion action.

The Camera has many settings, in the video rec gamma mode and the film mode. The master gamma and black levels can be adjusted to achieve different film looks. The camera can also shoot remarkable time lapse photography.

Canon 5D Mark III

The Canon 5D Mark III is the highest end and most requested DSLR camera for video shoots.

It has visual and adjustable volume meters, and can record continuous video without stopping, something other DSLRs cannot do.

It also has adjustable frame rates and resolution recording capabilities.

Sound Devices Pix240i and Convergent Design Odyssey 7Q+

The Pix240i and Odyssey 7Q+ are Crew West’s high-end external video and audio recorders. They record embedded digital audio and video via a serial digital interface (SDI). They also perform digital file conversions in real time, ingest video in any format, and export in a variety of formats and codecs including Avid DNxHD and Apple ProRes. They records the files internally to a compact flash card or a solid-state drives with a caddy ready for immediate connection to a laptop or desktop computer.


Crew West is the largest HD field acquisition (ENG/EFP) company and satellite uplink facility in Arizona. We have the experience and dedication to excellence that makes the difference. Before you go anywhere else, take the time to check out who we are and view video examples of recent work.